who am i?

Rickard Aldén is a Craft Distiller. He started distilling whisky at the distillery at Mackmyra Bruk as a school-tired 15-year-old, and early on he showed talent for the craft and soon became a full-fledged whisky distiller. Rickard has personally distilled a large part of Mackmyras whisky that is present in the trade today. After studying at the royal institute of technology (KTH) and a foreign visit in Japan as an exchange student and intern at Hokkaido University, he is back where everything started and as the first Craft Distiller at LAB distillery with the task of starting up the distillery and producing the first product - a gin. Rickard is a passionate technology nerd with a great interest in distillation and the flavors that can occur there. About developing his own gin in collaboration with Mackmyra Rickard comments:
- This is a dream come true, to combine my knowledge of distillation and get free hands to develop my own gin.


Kreatör [jin]


Kreatör [jin] is a complex organic gin with powerful juniper and spicy notes, balanced citrus, fruity raspberry and a hint of coriander seed. The taste truly represents the Swedish forest. Produced by me in collaboration with Lab+Distillery, in Valbo Sweden.

When I created this gin I didn't want to compromise on any point, I test distilled over 200 different botanicals and tried multiple different preparation methods for the fresh berries and fruits. After many trials and errors I ended up with 16 botanicals and I have to say very proud of the result. Design and photo by Tom Hallgren.


Authentic New Era 9Fifty

Rickard Aldén Distiller logo embroidered.